Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Join Tallinn Tigers Youth Rugby Team Today

The Tallinn Tigers youth team can offer an opportunity for youngsters to become someone special. The mission of this comprehensive youth team is to promote the mental, moral and physical development of its members and instill core values of honesty, loyalty and commitment.

Tallinn Rugby Club stimulates an interest in and a respect for academic achievement and work to build confidence and self-esteem.

We offer a variety of adventurous training opportunities with an ambitious summer camp while maintaining a focus on a drug free, healthy lifestyle.

Character building is the most important objective of Tallinn Rugby Club. All of the activities emphasize the importance of self-discipline, self-confidence, health and fitness, responsible citizenship and leadership.

Members make a pledge to be drug-free and work hard to encourage family, friends and schoolmates to share in this commitment.

Play rugby, become someone special. Life is one big challenge, make 2008 a rugby challenge year.

John Slade
Estonia Rugby

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