Saturday, 10 January 2009

Should players be eating chocolate?

Chocolate will have been the staple diet of many players over Christmas. For many people, due to the way it stimulates the body to release endorphins, chocolate is a tempting food. Lots of rugby players reckon you should eat chocolate to get quick bursts of energy. Yes it has plenty of energy giving carbohydrates, but it is also has a lot of fat.
So while eating chocolate at half-time or during the pre=match warm up can give a little advantage to a player, it is more likely to only succeed in depositing a lot of fat in the body.
In terms of athletic outcomes it is ok to indulge a little, but recognise that whilst chocolate can provide instant energy, it doesn't give players sustained energy. In fact, any energy provided will almost instantly be dissipated, providing the player with a sensation of an ENERGY CRASH

Sports nutritionists recommend Jaffa cakes because they are low in fat.

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