Saturday, 18 April 2009

School without drugs

On 3rd April Karjamaa Gymnasium hosted international conference "School without drugs." The conference was held for the fourth time, and has become traditional. The main objective of the conference is schools coordination in systematic work on the primary prevention of dependencies and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
The participants were organization whose job is priventive and rehabilitation work in the field of addictions, as well as schools of the city of Tallinn: Tallinna Pae Gymnasium, Tallinn Ranniku Gymnasium, Lasnamäe Russian Gymnasium, Ehte Gymnaasium of Humanities, Pelguranna Basic School. Among the guests were: Mr Jorgen Svidén - Director of "European Cities Against Drugs" from Sweden, Thomas PALU - representative of UNICEF, John Slade of the Estonian Rugby Federation. The conference was also attended by representatives from MTÜ AIDSi Tugikeskus, Eesti Vaimse Tervise Ühing, Re-Hab Community, Tervise Arengu Instituut, who talked about their work with drug addicts and prevention methods among young people.
In the second part of the conference the active involvement of students of schools that produced the program of a healthy lifestyle.
It was decided that the task of schools is to help build a strong identity with the self-expressed, which would have been able to resist the drug, considered a health value, would know how to operate in dangerous for human health and life situations, how to choose and decide in favor of Health.

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